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  • Εlectronic& Postal dispatch of 50.000 Invitations from the Organizers and Exhibitors, in Greece.
  • Electronic dispatch of 5.000 English Invitations from the Organizers and Exhibitors, abroad.
  • Electronic dispatch of Personal Barcode Invitations to selected professional visitors of our Exhibition Syskevasia’22.
  • Invitations dispatch via Group Email to targeted visitor groups, such as General Industries, Food & Drinks Industries, Pharmaceuticals & Cosmetics Industries, Packaging & Printing Industries, Chemicals & Plastics Industries, Electrics & Electronics Industries, Energy Industries, Petroleum & Mineral Oil Industries, Transport, Storing & Distribution Companies, Agricultural Industries, Construction Companies, Marine Companies, Commercial & Service Providers Companies, Hotel Companies, Toys importers/factories/chains, Government Organizations, Districts & Municipalities, Security Forces/ Services ( Security & Protection Services) , Wholesale & Retail Commerce, Hospitals, Medical Centers & Clinics, Automation & Robotics Educational Institutes, Researchers, Engineers and Automation & Robotics Designers.
  • Press Release dispatch to both printed and online newspapers and magazines in Greece and abroad.
  • SMS Campaign to 40.000 trade visitors.
  • Promotion through selected magazines in Greece.
  • Exhibition’s Promotional Banners in our Supporter/ Sponsor’s websites.
  • Digital Marketing via Newsletter, Social Media & Google Ads.
  • Television & Radio campaign, through selected nationwide channels in Greece.
  • Promotion of the Exhibition in corresponding foreign Exhibitions.
  • Continuous promotion of our exhibitors in the exhibition’s website for two years.
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